About Us

Historically, consumers have had very limited choices when it comes to outdoor flooring: brick, cement, asphalt or stone. Atlantis Surface is happy to say "Now you have a choice" in designing your beautiful space. We offer a growing selection of base designs in various colors as well as many choices for aggregate all of which can be mixed and matched to create unlimited patterns, designs and layouts. Each engineered paver is created by hand in the USA. Needless to say, quality is very important to us and we stand behind our products.

We are very excited about the growing demand for our products have just recently completed the tooling of a new manufacturing facility. We are now able to offer faster order fulfillment of our custom hand-made pavers thanks to our new manufacturing partner. While we look forward to being more productive, we intend on maintaining the same consistency of quality for our products. Currently, we are seeking distribution and retail partners. If you are interested in deploying Atlantis Surface in your store or in your backyard, contact us today and make your surface an "Atlantis Surface"!



About Our Products

Atlantis Surface consist of an ever expanding catalog of designs, aggregates and finishes. The Paver System is engineered for walkways and patios, driveways and high traffic areas, as well as for installation on retaining walls and exterior facets. Custom pavers are also available designed specifically to your unique requirements.

Each paver is 12in L x 12in W x 1 3⁄4 in H and covers 1 SQFT. The pavers vary in weight from 5 lbs - 18 lbs depending on installation type.

Installation of our pavers can be on concrete slab, crushed-run, sand or even placed as walkway stepping stones. With Atlantis Surface Paver System, you can mix and match designs within different collections to create surfaces that are unique to your style and taste.